Writing provides both an escape from and an understanding of reality. Reality isn’t confined to one genre, one flow of thought, and neither is this blog. This blog will feature many short stories, personal essays, articles, and book reviews. My heart is lodged deep in the fantasy genre, lurking in caves with dragons, so the majority of this blogs’ content will be fantasy/dragon related.

I am a K3 teaching aide striving to be a published novelist. I have two works in progress (WIPs), both the first book in different YA fantasy series. I also have two short stories available for the Kindle through Amazon.com: “The Quest for the Moat Monster” and “Operation: CINDERELLA” published under Debi Overstreet.

New blog posts every Monday between 11 am and 1 pm.

Pippin and Me

Me and my chow-mix rescue, Pippin