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I had a terrible nightmare the other night. I dreamed that a group of people didn’t agree with the racial equality subtext in the books I published and surrounded my house. They jumped over my fence, broke my windows, and threw torches into my house, setting it on fire. When I escaped the blaze with my dog, they surrounded us and began throwing rocks, shouting so I couldn’t understand individual words. When I took them to court, seeking justice for the destruction of my home, the judge and jury took the side of my attackers, calling me a racist and a bigot and telling me that I deserved the horror I suffered. Then, my previous attackers dragged my dog into the courtroom, hacked off his head, and threw it at me. They surrounded me as I cradled my dead dog’s head in my arms, screaming at me for being a terrible person while I cried.

I woke to the sound of my dog crying from a nightmare he was having, and I didn’t sleep the rest of that night.

I am not a racist. I think the concept of racism is stupid because we’re all apart of the human race, and it shouldn’t matter what color anyone’s skin is. Unfortunately, I know that not all people believe that. I know that there are people out there who judge people by their color; white people condemn black people for being black, and black people condemn white people for being white. It’s ridiculous to blame others for something they can’t control. I would much rather blame them for something they can control: how they treat others.

Evergreen State College recently made news because Professor Brett Weinstein suggested that new hires shouldn’t be determined by diversity but by qualifications, and his stance on the change to their Day of Absence, and the students did not like that. They cornered him, surrounded him, the president, and other teachers, and began yelling at them and refusing to let them respond. Honestly, the videos I’ve seen of their “interaction” terrified me, and showed me a glimpse of a future of America without the freedom of speech.

What scares me more is I don’t think Professor Weinstein was wrong. I don’t think color should be a deciding factor when it comes to hiring for any job, because how does the color of anyone’s skin help them perform their duties? How does being black make someone a better teacher? How does being white make someone a better farmer? How does being hispanic make someone a better baseball coach? How does being asain make someone a better cop? How does ethnicity factor into those jobs? I could see how ethnicity could play a vital role for negotiators or ambassadors to foreign countries, but I don’t see how it’s important to have a certain color skin to operate a cash register or bag groceries. When I go to the Geek Squad for help, I don’t care what they look like. I only that they’re polite and know how to fix my stupid broken computer.

I know why diversity is important in the workplace; I do. It’s because there are jerks out there who think skin tone matters, and they will discriminate against all the colors they don’t like. They will decide not to hire someone just because they’re black or just because they’re arab. Those are horrible people, and people need to be protected from their hate. I guess that I just really hate that it matters to some people.

And I hate that it matters to the point where “tolerant”people will terrorize those they feel are being intolerant. I hate that people become so blind to the fact that we’re all human that they will attack each other at the slightest hint of discrimination. They won’t even stop to listen to the other side’s reasoning. Yes, they may be wrong, but they still have a right to be heard. The moment you start taking away people’s freedom is the moment you become the oppressor, and that is not right. Equality is not about the oppressor becoming the oppressed, but about no one being oppressed. It’s “treat others as you would want to be treated,” not “treat others as they treat you.” All that philosophy does is create a civilization where everyone stabs each other in the back.

It’s so strange to see a world screaming for tolerance while beating down anyone who disagrees with them. Strange and terrifying, because no one will ever agree with anyone else. You may agree on many important positions, but you’ll disagree somewhere else. You may agree that the LGBTQ community should be allowed to marry, but you might disagree on the quality of Justin Beiber’s music. Every human is different; we will have different beliefs, different tastes in food, different prefences for music and movie genres. Humans will never agree 100% on everything. I really enjoy listening to certain My Little Pony songs, but my best friend thinks I’m a little crazy. 

A person’s worth shouldn’t be decided on what color they are; a person’s worth is decided by the fact that we are all human and worth exactly the same. Donald Trump is worth the same as Barak Obama is worth the same as Ronald Reagan is worth the same as Abraham Lincoln, and the only president in that list I liked was Reagan. We’re all human, and because we’re all human, we’ve all made a crap ton of mistakes. We might think that some mistakes are bigger and worse than others, but they were all mistakes! We’re all messed up in some way, and I’m sure that we’ve all messed somebody else up. We’re all equal, even if we don’t treat each other like it.

Unfortunately, I don’t believe world peace is possible. The human race is trash and we’re going to keep treating each other like trash, because no matter what anyone says, it is next to impossible to change someone’s mind once it’s set. I just wish the stupid “color” thing wasn’t an issue, because it’s not something we can help. If personality was the issue, however, I think world peace would stand more of a chance.